November 18 & 22 - Cramim Hotel, Israel

Terravino 2019

The official mediterranean international wine & spirit competition

International Wine & Spirit Competition

From house wineries to huge producers, TerraVino rewarded thousands of wines & spirits for the last 13 years for there exceptional high quality products. 

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Why TerraVino

During the years, the competition gathered reputation and appreciation
amongst members of the worldwide and Israeli wine industry. Nowadays TerraVino is considered to be one of the 10 most important & influential
competitions worldwide.

TerraVino is fully supervised by the OIV – International Organization of Vines and Wines.


Our Mission

For the last 13 years TerraVino was responsible for the discovery of many Israeli & worldwide wineries which have become well known in the Israeli wine industry. 


TerraVino History

TerraVino is rewarding excellence for the last 13 years, thank to our exclusive judging panel and our goal to promote the wine & spirit industry.

The Team

TerraVino was founded by wine ehnthusiastics, Mr. Moshe Spak & Haim Gan. The both built and amazing team of wine & spirit lovers which share the same goal.

Among TerraVino Judges

The panel of judges at TerraVino is composed of senior wine & spirit judges from Israel and abroad, among them wine writers, sommeliers, buyers, leading winemakers and leading wine & spirit influencers.

Lubos Barta

International Judge & terravino East European ambassador

Birsen Pehilvan

International Judge & Terravino turkish ambassador

john Salvi

International Judge

Chryssa Giatra​

International Judge & Terravino Greece ambassador

Lisete Osorio

International Judge & Terravino Portugal ambassador

Carmen Galvan

International Judge & Terravino Spain ambassador

Soley Resit​

International Judge

Rea Prince

International Judge

Registration Process

Easier than ever! We made the registartion process almost hassle free by using top of the line technology and automation processes so registering your products is fast and easy.

Select product type

The registration process starts by choosing the type of product you would like to enter.

Fill product details

The next step is to fill the product information to be able to participate in TerraVino competition.

Ship us your product

The last step is to ship the products to our logistic center where they will be received and stored properly until the competition begins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TerraVino competition will perform at the Luxurious Cramim hotel near Jerusalem, Israel this November 18th-21st, 2019.

Any wine & spirit can register to the competition. 

The cost of participation is 150 euros. If you would like to see if there are any discounts please contact us.

The competition itself is a close event but the Gala dinner where the results are announced is open to the public. Want to be in the Gala event? Contact us!

  • Wines: 4 bottles of 0.750 Lt per sample registered.
  • Spirits: 3 Bottles of 0.750 Lt / or 0.500 Lt per sample registered.

The deadline to enter TerraVino is October 31st which means that November 5th is the last day of samples reception.

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terravino - Office

Baal Hatorim 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo

TerraVino - event
Cramim Resort & Spa, Kiryat Anavim

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